how much do the chairs and tables cost?
To request pricing, tear sheets or to place an order, send a note to or call 845 313 5895 and we'll get right to it. Payments are processed through Stripe.

do you sell to the trade?
A trade discount of 15% is offered to those who qualify (just submit a certificate of authority/ resale certificate).

do you sell wholesale?
If you are a wholesaler interested in partnering for distribution, please contact us.

can you customize?
Maybe! Send me an email or call.

how long does it take to make?
Lead times vary and are generally between 6 - 8 weeks. Please contact us for further information regarding your specific inquiry.  Lead times begin with receipt of payment in full. 

what's your return policy?
Because everything is made to order, returns aren't accepted. Because of the handmade nature and use of recycled materials, every piece will be unique and may vary in appearance. 

what are your pieces made from?
Good question! I can go on and on... but, to put it shortly, the objects are made from a blend of recycled thermoset and thermoplastics. 

can it get wet? what about heat? how durable are they?
The material can get wet, but please keep the pieces out of extreme heat- all plastics begin to soften at very high temperatures. They are handmade, so please treat them kindly. 

where are the pieces made?
Everything is made by hand in NY.

is there any other legaleze you'd like to share?

Glad you asked! Here it is:

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